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  Michael Biermann d521c781bb Pattern 2 new. 4 months ago
  Michael Biermann 5d95c53aa7 Modifications to front. 4 months ago
  Michael Biermann f6c21f8175 Rotated holes. 4 months ago
  Michael Biermann 85a4fe98a5 added pattern 2 parts 4 months ago
  Michael Biermann 401415adae Converted .dxt to .svg and created a pattern. 4 months ago
  Michael Biermann a927aec954 Added cura profile 4 months ago
  Michael Biermann aa5a5ac080 Adjusted PCB Slot & OLED Slot. 4 months ago
  Michael Biermann f4fb3e49df Changed display position. 4 months ago
  Michael Biermann c3eeb12c4c Random Änderung... 4 months ago
  Michael Biermann f004bacbaf Added holes for ventilation to pcb version. 4 months ago
  Michael Biermann 022e221240 Added export from fusion 360 4 months ago
  Michael Biermann ebea999e89 Moved files. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann 7e36bb09a1 Moved files. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann dc2c8b9037 Fixed link. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann f67f549679 . 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann b02b558aee Moved unused files. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann 7231c28e32 Added more explanation to readme. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann 0ea5d3c105 Added fusion project files and step files. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann 9296b4bb19 added .dxf 5 months ago
  Michael fd6e26b035 added working area / sheet size 5 months ago
  Michael 9638fe192e Removed unnessecary laser lines. 5 months ago
  Michael 21542307ae Cleaned up file 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann cb84c8c6c1 Late night commitment. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann ccd9b355a2 Added ultra fancyness. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann c464db3a67 Made side part fancy. 5 months ago
  Biermann 53b3a22e4f Pattern ausschnitte verbessert. 5 months ago
  Michael e227affd79 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.unhb.de/smash/co2ampel 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann 05facda023 Added own logo version. 5 months ago
  Stefan H. 4e84b74018 Added step "created secrets.yaml" in setup howto 5 months ago
  Stefan Heinrichsen c171248a65 added comment about manual libs 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann 369ccccfb1 Added .stl fusion and cura projects and step file for dome. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann 010f5f1646 Moved logos into sep. folder. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann fa283bcd09 Removed old and obsolete files. 5 months ago
  Michael f43f32cfe9 Improved part seperators. 5 months ago
  Michael 15d108760a Added cutting fence. 5 months ago
  Michael dca3b2feb9 Added cutting lines. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann 8da1191abd Removed error: USB-Cable has data lanes. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann 356b9d957d Added a full pattern. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann 1651ed5222 Added a front version with holes. 5 months ago
  Michael Biermann 7cce3eaaaa Removed CSS non-scaling-stroke 5 months ago
  Michael 5a2f409e1e Increased power outlet size. 5 months ago
  Michael 9e621a689c Simplified UNHB Logo 5 months ago
  Michael 4885d6a124 Moved logo. 5 months ago
  Michael 52da2cc021 Moved cable tie holes. 5 months ago
  Michael 2be5817c40 Removed hole. 5 months ago
  Michael 4f741dfe6a Increased display window. 5 months ago
  Michael 1dee8679db Removed air outlet on side. 5 months ago
  Michael 098166b069 Moved sensor outlet. 5 months ago
  Michael 0e4d706f2e Moved sensor outlet. 5 months ago
  Michael 7d76d2539d Moved sensor outlet to front. 5 months ago